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Be the Equitable, Inclusive Leader You Want To Be.


Summer 2021 Intake Starts June 17th πŸŽ‰


-  Uncomfortable, Strategic + Accountable -


10-Week Self-Work + Business Coaching Program

Find your WHY and HOW in anti-oppression work:

βœ“ Unlearning + Relearning Foundation
βœ“ Effective Communications Framework
βœ“ Design Your Anti-Oppression Strategy
βœ“ Comprehensive Deep Dive Trainings
βœ“ Leadership Coaching [BONUS]

 *First 20 participants*

Pre-Sale = $1550 closes June 15

Full Price = $2400

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10 monthly payment


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Join a community of leaders who have found their anti-oppressive way forward.

Take a look at what people have said...

“Get ready to learn and commit to an anti-racist path for life. Nadi will see you, hear you and make you feel safe. And you will laugh and enjoy the process. Nadi exudes warmth and clearly loves doing this training"

Lindsay Boyle
Circular Economy Consultant


“In order to make progress in this work, we needed more than a list. We needed a real guide to help us on the journey. Enter Nadi and the Anti-Oppression Business Program. Now is the time to get uncomfortable, friends. But thankfully, you don’t have to do that alone.”

Cecily Milne
Co-Founder, Yoga Detour™οΈ



"I'm so glad that I had Nadi there to support me through the process of learning and unlearning so that I can now take action and speak up when I would have done nothing or stayed quiet instead."

Dagmar Meachem
Leadership Business Coach


Are you trying to figure out where you belong in the work of anti-oppression?


Does it feel lonely at times?

Are you freaked out that you might get it all wrong?

It's time to move away from fear, worry, and staying silent.

Witnessing generation after generation with the same problems.

When you know there’s work to do.

Anti-Oppression Coaching

Uncomfortable, Strategic + Accountable

In this course discover how to:

>> Build confidence + competence when communicating anti-oppressive values.

>> Strengthen customer, client + community relationships.

>> Reduce stress with a strategic plan for ‘What now, and what next?’

>> Build a leadership reputation for practicing equity and inclusion.

It takes the willingness to do things differently.

So, how do you get there?


By creating progressive change through an inspiring experience of personal growth, empowerment, co-creation, and community.

Feeling confident to navigate challenges with possibility, curiosity and empowerment.

Establishing skills to consistently live into anti-oppression commitments. 

Targeting full comprehension of anti-oppressive work (moving past a basic focus on anti-racism).


Sound like something you want for yourself?

 Great. We want that for you too.

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βœ“ Identify how we all contribute to oppressive systems

βœ“ See what is possible to dismantle these components.

βœ“ Foster inclusive environments everywhere you go.


- What's Included -

 Let's take a look

Self-Work to the FRONT

The Framework for Unlearning & Relearning

Modules 1-3 cover:

βœ“ Understanding the characters of whiteness to identify and heal and lead.

βœ“ Defining your anti-oppressive values and how to help others do the same.

βœ“ The importance of intersectionality + gender equity.

βœ“ Foundations of inclusion and belonging as leaders.

Words + Representation Matter

How to Identify Problematic Areas

Modules 4-6 cover:

βœ“ Image, identity, voice + message.

βœ“ The nurturing role for social media + email.

βœ“  Understanding 'ism's' + cultural appropriation

βœ“ Speaking up + allyship - What to say.

Anti-Oppression Strategy

Guessing lacks accountability. Learn to set long-term goals for yourself, your workplace, clients and your community!

Modules 7-10 cover:

βœ“ Vendor + stakeholder processes.

βœ“ Establishing reparations partnerships.

βœ“ Emotional intelligence in leadership.

βœ“ Putting people FIRST.

And that's not all...

Full Pay Bonus

A little extra goes a long way..

1-1 Leadership Coaching

60-minutes private coaching session with Nadi

Personalized coaching to:

βœ“ Define your specific needs.

βœ“ Work through challenging areas.

βœ“ Fine-tune strategies to fit your overall need.

βœ“ Brave space to ask anything.

100% Inclusive Environment

This is brave space. Uncomfortable, Strategic + Accountable holds space for all bodies with zero tolerance for discrimination.  

Trans + Non-Binary Friendly.

Collaboration over competition.

No shame, blame, guilt or drama. A white fragility free zone.

Introvert happy place. No shaming for cameras off or calling you out on Zoom.

Frequently Asked Questions


βœ“ Creating real, lasting, community-wide change.

βœ“  Becoming an anti-oppression leader in your areas of expertise.

βœ“ Establishing long-range strategies and goals for your classroom, clients, customers, friends, family and community.


>> Hey there, I'm Nadi!

I'm a holistic Anti-Oppression Educator, Business Coach and Virtual Event Facilitator with 2 decades of operations management + digital communications experience informing my responsibility as a guide in this work.

My pronouns are she/they.

Although I am Afro-Indigenous, I was also adopted into a white family at 9 months old and was raised immersed in white communities.  My lived experience has shown both sides of oppression - as the oppressed - and as a leader with internalized oppressions that determined how I treated people. I was not an inclusive leader and my biases did harm as a result. I know how it feels to ‘not know’ + to seek answers, so I guide you with this mindset.

How it works: Weekly Schedule

75-minute Zoom meeting/week

June 17th to August 26th

What does it include:

βœ“ Every session is recording to watch anytime. No worries if you can't make every session.

βœ“ No pressure for camera-on. Come as you are!  This is your experience.

βœ“ Prompts for self-work between sessions

βœ“ Thursdays from 1pm to 2:15pm (pacific time)

What this course includes...

10-Week Self-Work + Business Coaching Program

Uncomfortable, Strategic + Accountable

βœ“ Unlearning + Relearning Foundation
βœ“ Effective Communications Framework 
βœ“ Design Your Anti-Oppression Strategy 
βœ“ Comprehensive Deep Dive Trainings 
βœ“Leadership Coaching [BONUS]** 
 *for the first 30 people*

Full Price = $2400

Pre-Sale Price = $1550 closes June 15


Payment Plan


10 monthly payment


Payment Plan


5 monthly payments


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Email [email protected] and we'll get back to you!

Go in with an open mind and be prepared to get uncomfortable. In the end, you will be glad you did!

Barry Forward
Executive Career Leadership Coach


I loved the lesson that every marginalized person has different trauma and trigger points for micro-aggressions. If you get something wrong, apologize and remember what they asked you to do or say differently. Do not stay stuck repeatedly apologizing.

Jenna Brute
School Psychologist


“Something that really stuck for me was your permission to reflect on these topics as matter of fact rather than shame. To move past my guilt to see situations more clearly”

Jed Baker
Wellness Coach